Meet Indikon’s Founder: About Scott Mars

Understanding the History of Indikon

Who is Scott Mars, and how did he end up creating Indikon Media? The answer is a bit more complicated than you may think. Learn about Mars’ adoption story and path to founding Indikon here.

So, who decides to create a unique media company such as Indikon Media?

Meet Scott Mars, our company’s founder. Without him, Indikon would not be what it is today. Mars wasn’t always a businessman. In fact, if you had told Scott Mars that he would be the owner of a media company decades ago, he probably wouldn’t have believed you. That’s because his business was somewhere else entirely: in the world of family-building.

See, if there’s one thing you should know about Scott Mars, it’s that he’s an adoptee. Understandably, it’s a part of his background that has affected every other part of his life — but it’s actually also an important aspect in Indikon’s history, too.

Scott Mars’ Start with Adoption

Scott Mars was adopted at 10 days old by his parents, who had suffered infertility for years before turning to adoption. He was raised in a household that celebrated the adoption process. Despite his own closed adoption relationship with his birth parents, he knew their sacrifice in giving him a life of opportunities he may not have otherwise been privy to. For Mars, adoption was nothing but a positive part of his life.

As he grew up, his parents also served as temporary foster parents for infants. The Mars family would foster more than 100 infants during his childhood. It was this experience that got Scott and his parents thinking about a new venture: a new kind of adoption agency reflecting the positive experience Scott had with own adoption story.

So, in 1991, American Adoptions was founded. Scott Mars and his parents started small, but their goals were big: to provide an adoption experience that supported both hopeful adoptive parents and prospective birth parents. As the agency grew larger, so did the team of professionals — but the focus remained the same.

Today, American Adoptions is involved in hundreds of adoptions each year and provides helpful online information to waiting parents and prospective birth parents alike. And that information is all thanks in part to Mars’ team — the people who were the beginning of Indikon Media years ago.

Creating Indikon Media

When American Adoptions was founded, the internet was still in its early stages. But, as time went by and the agency became a bigger player in the family-building industry, Scott Mars recognized the importance of digital and online advertising for his organization.

He recruited a team of experienced writers and web developers to ensure the American Adoptions website was the best it could be. But, Scott didn’t stop there. As continued to climb in web rankings and online presence, Mars saw an opportunity to help more people through the family-building process — by creating a network of helpful adoption and family-building resource websites.

It took years for Scott Mars and his team to perfect the art of digital marketing. Through trial and error, the team worked to create the best informational sites for adoption on the web, dedicated to helping prospective birth parents, adoptive parents and anyone else interested in different adoption and family-building options.

The hard work paid off. This conglomeration of websites created by this team (under the former name American Family Media) consistently ranked in internet searches, providing the best objective information to those who were looking for it. Soon, the attorneys that the adoption agency frequently worked with started to notice. They hired Scott Mars’ team for website services and the rest, as they say, was history. Indikon Media was born.

Today, Indikon is unique from other internet marketing agencies because of its history. Scott Mars and his team at Indikon focus on providing the best services possible to clients. In many cases, this means working with clients in the areas in which we have profound industry knowledge — adoption, gestational surrogacy, other family-building methods and more. By doing so, our team can provide an unparalleled knowledge and set of services that other agencies cannot.

Today, Scott Mars and his team constantly look for ways to improve and create better informational sites for all kinds of industries — family-building, restaurants (Mars is the recent owner of two successful Kansas City businesses) and more. With his years of experience and personal expertise, Mars knows what works — and he sets a high standard for his media company team.

In his free time, Scott enjoys spending time with his family, including his daughter and son, golfing and traveling. But don’t think he’s stopped in his search for the best practices — you can certainly expect great things from him and his media team in the years to come.